Google Sitemap Gen v1.4 ebuild

It’s over a year since it was released, but for Gentoo users, I’ve posted an ebuild for version 1.4 of the Google Sitemap Generator in my Portage overlay. You’ll find it at www-misc/goog-sitemapgen.

In other news, I want to apologise for my content-free blatherings about the Apple iPhone. I don’t think anyone reads this blog so I’m talking to myself, but I want to make my contrition public even so, for future readers :-)

Expire Junk script

Here is a small Python script to expire junk mail in an IMAP mailbox.

Apple Mail can automatically delete old junk mail, but I also use KMail and SquirrelMail, and it’s often a long wait between the times I load up Mail, so I need something else. It requires Python 2.4 (perhaps earlier, but I’ve not tried it), and that’s it. Run it with a --help to get started.

Incidentally, the script is also in a Bazaar repository, and you can branch it if you want:

bzr branch \

Right now the script doesn’t care about SSL (I run it on the same box as my Courier IMAP server) and it uses CRAM-MD5 authentication which may not be to your taste. It’s not had a lot of testing either, so be careful, and take some backups first :-) It’s in the public domain though, so happy hacking, and I’m more than willing to merge patches.