At first sight, the Apple iPhone is a work of genius

I just read the announcement of the Apple iPhone and my head is spinning. The device is jammed packed with good ideas and is beautifully styled. Here’s a bunch of clever people radically and bravely thinking about the problems we all have not just with phones and music players, but mainstream portable electronics.

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First post


I’m a software developer living in Luxembourg, but I’m actually English. I got together with a lovely Luxembourgish lass, left my job doing techie stuff in Norwich, England, and headed for the rolling hills of Middle Europe.

I started a company, Premolo, to sell my skills and software. I haven’t seen stellar success so far, but I’m working on it, and this blog is a shameless attempt to get more attention for myself and my company. So, now you’ve seen my not-so-hidden agenda, go forth and find something useful, interesting or worth flaming in my postings.

Thanks, Gavin.