A few months ago I downloaded angL by Ihsahn (Wikipedia, Ihsahn.com), but I noticed that a couple of tracks were broken. One skipped a lot and the other went silent half way through. I emailed eMusic and followed up a month later. To their credit, they replied and gave me a free track, but said it was down to the record company to provide new tracks.

After a couple of months, I was getting frustrated. I didn’t think eMusic were following up on this, so I emailed Ihsahn’s record company, Candlelight Records, and his management/production company, Mnemosyne, to let them know. I got a couple of replies, including one from Heidi at Mnemosyne – who I’ve just realised is Ihriel, Ihsahn’s wife and fellow artist – apologising and thanking me for telling them.

And this morning I also received angL on CD, sent by post from Mnemosyne, with a hand-written postcard saying “Thanks for helping us out”, and signed “Ihsahn”.

Thanks Heidi and Ihsahn, you’ve totally made my day, and I wish you all the best.

(Side note to everyone else: angL is a bloody brilliant album, so go and get it now :)