Disable Java

A few weeks ago I disabled Java in every browser I use. No more applets. It feels liberating. Flash might be next.

In a company far far away, I used to be a Java developer. At that time I thought that applets could be a good thing for the web. Since then, and for most of this millennium, I’ve been somewhere between indifferent and blisteringly annoyed when encountering Java applets. I silently hoped they would go away.

But they just won’t die.

Recently I joined Facebook, and they use a crappy upload applet for photos. Which reminded me of the crappy upload applet that comes with Gallery. These might be the most beautifully crafted objects, whole Versailles of Java, but during the time the ruddy thing painfully loads I can’t use the browser, and the OS even mentions that things are not responding. Okay, Versailles was not built in a day, so I’ll go and feed the donkeys or something and come back when it’s done. But, of course, it’s not beautiful as promised. It’s an eyesore, a pig to use, and breaks just after I’ve invested 20 excruciating minutes choosing photos of family barbecues.

So I’m voting with my browser preferences, and I vote for no more Java on the web. Applets were cool for a month or two, but have been a mercilessly flogged but nevertheless dead horse ever since.

Flash, on the other hand, actually has a use. Video. After over a decade of squabbling between Real, Apple Quicktime and Microsoft SomethingMediocre, it took a vector animation program to pretty much solve cross-browser video.

That’s great. But I really really do not want to watch another whizzy website Flash-splash page or another Microsoft disinfomercial next to the news. So Flash might be next to get the chop.

I’ll be using Lynx before the year’s out.