Expire Junk script

Here is a small Python script to expire junk mail in an IMAP mailbox.

Apple Mail can automatically delete old junk mail, but I also use KMail and SquirrelMail, and it’s often a long wait between the times I load up Mail, so I need something else. It requires Python 2.4 (perhaps earlier, but I’ve not tried it), and that’s it. Run it with a --help to get started.

Incidentally, the script is also in a Bazaar repository, and you can branch it if you want:

bzr branch \

Right now the script doesn’t care about SSL (I run it on the same box as my Courier IMAP server) and it uses CRAM-MD5 authentication which may not be to your taste. It’s not had a lot of testing either, so be careful, and take some backups first :-) It’s in the public domain though, so happy hacking, and I’m more than willing to merge patches.

At first sight, the Apple iPhone is a work of genius

I just read the announcement of the Apple iPhone and my head is spinning. The device is jammed packed with good ideas and is beautifully styled. Here’s a bunch of clever people radically and bravely thinking about the problems we all have not just with phones and music players, but mainstream portable electronics.

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Premolo packages available from PyPI

In the last few days I’ve posted the Premolo packages to the Python Package Index, or PyPI. Source distributions and Eggs are available.

The easiest way to install, say Alfie, is to use easy_install from setuptools:

easy_install premolo-alfie

I’ll be adding in script support for running Alfie from the command line, but in the meantime you can use this slightly unwieldy incantation:

python -c 'from premolo.alfie import template; from sys import argv; template.main(*argv[1:])'

I’m working mostly on Alfie at the moment, and hoping to get a 1.0 release out the door in the first quarter of 2007.