Why I won’t be using MySQL for my next project

The world’s most popular database is also the VHS of databases. It gets the job done, but the picture is grainy, the sound wows in and out, and it gets jammed once in a while. That’s what I found out on a recent project with MySQL 4.1.

First, some context.

I recently launched a dating website for Luxembourg. “Oh no!” you scream, “Not another bleedin’ dating website!”. No apologies though; Luxembourg needs some loving, and I was the man for the job.

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First post


I’m a software developer living in Luxembourg, but I’m actually English. I got together with a lovely Luxembourgish lass, left my job doing techie stuff in Norwich, England, and headed for the rolling hills of Middle Europe.

I started a company, Premolo, to sell my skills and software. I haven’t seen stellar success so far, but I’m working on it, and this blog is a shameless attempt to get more attention for myself and my company. So, now you’ve seen my not-so-hidden agenda, go forth and find something useful, interesting or worth flaming in my postings.

Thanks, Gavin.